Seaweed Beauty Guide

The Seaweed Beauty Guide by Clayten Tylor

The Seaweed Beauty Guide

Simply Natural!

Luxurious, Homemade, Ph-Balanced Skin-Care

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by Clayten Tylor

Seaweed Jelly: The Beauty Elixir!

Seaweed Beauty Guide, back coverSeaweed (Algae) contains the world’s most luxurious gels, used in everything from toothpaste, moisturizers, shampoos, and some of the more expensive cosmetics. However, all of the seaweed gels are extracted using harsh chemicals, and yet the simplest way to obtain them in their pure form without chemicals is to make them yourself.

This book contains simple recipes that are easy to understand, and the results are pure and natural seaweed Serums and Jellies beyond anything your skin has ever felt. Learn to make your own non-toxic, pH-balanced skin care products, safe for the whole family - for just pennies a day.

If you do nothing more than add seaweed Serum to your liquid hand soap, hair shampoo, and bath, it is well worth it - smoother, softer skin every time you wash.

Seaweed Book Chapter oneThis book will appeal to the natural beauty enthusiast looking for homemade skin care products, relaxing spa therapy recipes, and effective herbal medicine treatments, with a slight spiritual twist on cellular regeneration.

Get ready to experience the beastly pleasures that only handmade seaweed beauty-jelly can offer.

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